Handheld robot to measure foliage and/or count trees in horticulture fields using a 2D Lidar, IMU, and odometry(wheel or visual odometry for using untethered from ground). It can be mounted on any agricultural machinery or be mounted on a hand-cart(as shown below).

As shown in the Application Interface below, RViz is used for displaying the lidar scan data, mapping data, as well as the detected tree trunks in bottom left corner.

Main window:2D lidar, left bottom window: Tree trunks

OpenCV is used to detect tree trunks by using SimpleBlobDetector used to Extracted blobs by circularity and areas.

Detected tree trunks as shown as green spheres
Software architecture
graphed Tree trunks, verified with professional laser measuring tool
A Precision Horticulture 2D Vegetation Mapping Robot - prajankya/AgriMapper

Report Paper