Prajankya Sonar

Robotics Engineer

Bowdoin Street, Worcester , MA , U.S.A.
+1 508 723 5587
English, Marathi, Hindi, Kannada



I am currently Studying MS in Robotics at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. I love robotics, and had always had the tinkering and problem solving curiosity from my childhood. I am always craving for more exposure and experience in it. I spend most of my time exploring, and learning the latest technologies, trends and developments.

Work Experience

Work Experience

4+ years experience in Robotics. 6+ years experience Web and software development, Network Planning and Setup. 8+ years experience in Electronics, circuit designing and fabrication.

  • VP of

    2018-06 — Present

    I am in charge of scaling up the company's technology and running a 30 - person development staff. I oversee all software development and technology across multiple departments to continue building the company's syndicate.

    • Senior Technical

      2018-01 — 2018-05

      Handled various projects and worked on many daughter companies from the company head office of bengaluru.

      • Research AssistantK.L.E. Technological University, Hubballi

        2017-06 — 2017-12

        Leading the team in designing and development a Research Humanoid Robot.

        • A 4 foot big Humanoid
        • Handling Team of 14
      • Network

        2016-06 — 2017-05

        Worked on various size networking Installations and became Network Admin for huge campuses nearing 20k simultaneous devices and other.

        • Associate Project

          2015-06 — 2016-05

          Handled various projects with team size of 30+ on web technologies and various research fields.

          • Software

            2015-01 — 2015-05

            Working on various Products and services based on web and mobile technologies.

            • Research

              2014-05 — 2014-12

              Worked on PCL and 3D graphics, CV and CG.



              • Single handed Soldering pen  India 3288/CHENP/2016

                May 15, 2016

                This product will make soldering process single handed and more precise.We use soldering gun and soldering wire to-do this process and learning curve needs lots of practices

                Indian Patent



              Technical Skills

              • Robotics    level : master
                R.O.S. Microcontrollers ARM Image Processing (OpenCV) VR Machine Learning - Tensorflow
              • Computer Networking    level : master
                Spanning Tree SNMP RIP Cisco IOS L2-L3 Routing Network Admin Data centre control
              • JavaScript    level : master
                Node.js Angular.js jQuery Bootstrap Grunt Gulp Node-red development
              • Web Development    level : master
                JavaScript HTML 5 CSS LAMP MVC REST Handlebars Polymer
              • Industrial Automation    level : intermediate
                CNC and Other NC PLCs of Beckhoff and Rexroth Ladder STs Modbus
              • Electronics    level : intermediate
                RF circuits SMD Soldering Analog circuits Altium Eagle 4 layer Hi-speed PCB
              • Software Development    level : master
                Eclipse(for Java applications) Visual Studio(for C#, C++ applications) Electron
              • 3D CAD Modelling    level : intermediate
                Solidworks Creo Blender Sketchup
              • Android App Development    level : advanced
                Sherlock Background services MVC Wear Devices apps
              • Database    level : intermediate
                MongoDB MySQL Lodash CouchDB Flat File based
              • Cloud    level : intermediate
                Azure Google Compute Engine Kubernetes G-Drive API Amazon S3 heroku Dropbox API DigitalOcean Droplets
              • Project    level : intermediate
                GitHub Gitlab Travis-ci Coveralls Appveyor Bitbucket
              • Programming Languages    level : intermediate
                NodeJS(ES6) Python C++ Java C# PHP C
              • Scripting    level : intermediate
                CSS JSON Yaml Markdown Latex XML Bash HTML
              • Others    level : beginner
                Coffeescript SASS Less TypeScript OpenGL CMake Lua Cuda OpenCV


              Teaching Experience

              Teaching Experience

              Prajankya took various workshops and classes on

              • Robot Operating System(ROS)
              • Git and VCS
              • Ubuntu and using linux as a developer
              • Eagle, Altium Designer
              • Arduino basics
              • Electronics basics
              • Networking Routing and Switching
              • Introduction to DNS
              • Tinker Camps
              • Maker workshops


              • Best Outgoing Student KPPS

                Awarded on: 2013-04

              • Ranked 18th in India for National Cyber Olympiad in final round

                Awarded on: 2007-04

              • Ranked 22nd internationally for International Cyber Olympiad in final round

                Awarded on: 2008-04



              Member of numerous collegiate and professional groups and organizations.

              • MemberIEEE

                2013-06 — Present

                Member in good standing since 2013-06.

              • SubscriberMSDN

                2010-01 — Present

                Super-ultra-gold level ultimate access MSDN subscriber package.

              • PresidentRobot Makers Hub

                2015-11 — Present

                Head of college club for Robotics Enthusiasts.

              Volunteer Work

              Volunteer Work

              • Team Leader, Team for ROBOcon 2016

                2016-01 — 2016-03

                Team Leader of College Team for the Competition.

                • Renewable energy transferring robots(one generating another getting energy)
                • Pole climbing robot
                • Wind energy based locomotion robot
              • Electronics Head, Team for ROBOcon 2015

                2014-12 — 2015-03

                Volunteer and Active member in College Team for the Competition.

                • 2 holonomic drive badminton doubles playing robots
                • complete SMD circuit
                • 3D Printed Custom Remote


              • Reading

                Prajankya is a fan of mystery and fictional novels including those of Dan Brown, C. S. Lewis and C. Doyle.

                mystery fictional C. S. Lewis Dan Brown C. Doyle
              • Sketching

                Ink sketching Ink and brush Pastel Pencil and ink
              • Football(Soccer)

                Left winger Center halfback District leve


              Academic Projects

              • System Designer, DeveloperSnappy Robotics

                2016-08 — 2017-06

                Final Year Engineering major project to develop a rapid prototyping platform for Automation and Robotics projects and product. This product helps bootstrap any A&R project from 10 hours to 1 hour or less by having readily available parts for most commonly used processes.

                • Using a powerful industrial grade SBC, Toradex Apalis T30
                • Drag and drop programming
                • Made 4 Layered Hi-speed USB2.0 GPIO circuit, with SMD soldered components
                • Custom USB subroutines
                • Every part of the project designed for mass manufacturing
                • Custom Operating system to best optimize performance
                • Node-RED and Johny-five based
                • Supports Raspberry pi, Arduino, NodeMCU, Beaglebone, and most of the boards
              • Developer,  Warehouse-Robot

                2017-02 — 2017-06

                • Rapid Prototyped bot
                • Using our own powerful board, Snappy T30
                • Track based bot, with load carrying capacity of 50kgs
                • To be up and running with just few minutes of drag and drop programming
              • ResearcherAgriMapper

                2016-10 — 2017-02

                As a part of REU(Research Experience for Undergraduates), the research focuses on building a precision horticulture 2D mapping using cost effective Lidar.

                • Using Robot Operating System
                • Using Intel NUC on board as the CPU
                • RPlidar by RoboPeak working at 5Hz with range of 6 meters
                • Whole system error of 1.08% of the actual reading.
              • ResearcherLidar Robot

                2016-02 — 2016-06

                Autonomous L.O.A.M. Omni Wheeled Robot

                • Holonomic drive
                • based on ROS(Robot Operating System)
                • four omni wheels
                • using RPLidar by RoboPeak
                • after starting autonomously makes a 2D map by going through the terrain, avoiding obstacles
                • has flash lights to indicate any problem with the system.
              • Developer,  Tiva-IOT-server

                2016-08 — 2016-10

                A software made with electron and node.js

                • Tiva launchpad 430
                • Software to control multiple boards at once
                • Focuses on distributed control from a central software
              • Researcherid-ocr

                2016-10 — 2016-11

                The project focuses on auto generating database from a standard template and imagesets, i.e. given a template for all the images in the given imagesets, a database will be autogenarated with Optical Character Reading from all the images.

                • Python based Image Processing using pytesseract
                • Interactive GUI to generate the image template
              • ProgrammerJava-RGB-Physical-Pixel

                2016-05 — 2016-04

                Java program with firmata to talk to turn on a RGB led on arduino

                • Java GUI color Picker
                • Talking to firmata on arduino accross serial using jssc
                • color hovering on GUI changes the color of RGB on Arduino
              • DeveloperArduinoModbus

                2015-10 — 2015-12

                Arduino custom library for MODbus

                • used with RS-485
                • controlled by GUI written in C#
                • controlling 42 slave boards

              Professional Projects

              • DeveloperANEA

                2017-01 — 2017-03

                Website for a workshop on Advances in Nanocomposites for Engineering Applications

                • using github pages to host the website
                • static website(no backend)
                • bootstrap for UI
              • Developer,  vod_server

                2016-05 — 2016-08

                • Upload with auto dash generation
                • nodejs as backend
                • Admin panel
              • DeveloperJewellery

                2016-05 — 2016-06

                A Node.js based Touchscreen software for small jewellery shop

                Personal Projects

                • Developer,

                  2016-08 — Present

                  • Backend in Nodejs
                  • github developer programme integration
                  • Autogenerated CV from json and github projects
                  • SEO optimized
                  • custom HTTPS implementation
                • Author, Teacher,  ros-mobile-robot

                  2017-08 — Present

                  • ROS
                  • Tutorial for beginners
                  • Guide to build a simulated 4 wheeled robot
                  • Simulation in Gazebo
                • Developer,  rmh_website

                  2016-08 — 2016-11

                  • Website for Robot Makers Hub members
                  • backend in nodejs
                  • Gulp based automation script
                • Developer,  rmh_registration

                  2016-08 — 2016-10

                  An Electron based software to have registration form and auto search feature for Robot makers hub registration

                  • Nodejs and Electron
                  • bootstrap
                  • Angularjs
                  • json flat file system database
                • Developerfolder-crypt

                  2016-04 — 2016-10

                  A Nodejs based folder encryptor and decryptor

                  • Node js
                  • sha512 based
                  • npm published
                • Contributordocs

                  2016-10 — 2016-10

                  Contributor to Nodejs documentation

                  • Contributor,  ros_map

                    2016-07 — 2016-09

                    Contributor to ROS_MAP a map to show ROS users all over the world by David V. Lu

                    • Added BVB as a college teaching ROS
                  • DeveloperCyberoam-usage

                    2016-06 — 2016-09

                    To check usage of a user in cyberoam

                    • backend in Nodejs
                    • Phantomjs browser logging in as temp user and then getting the required data
                    • program is browsing the website imitating as a real user
                  • Network EngineerInfocell

                    2016-07 — 2016-07

                    BVBCET Infocell Website

                    • Complete javascript: database is MongoDB,backend is nodejs, communication is JSON and frontend is Angularjs
                    • Custom SNMP client for getting status from all the L3 network switches
                    • Phantomjs programming browser based data retrieval
                    • Ping based Map of all the managed switches(Live Map)
                    • SNMP trap to display interface downtime
                    • Complaints and Requests management Admin UI