Prajankya Sonar


A well experienced Robotics and Network engineer, Prajankya is the VP of Technology at He has completed B.E. in Automation and Robotics. Having already worked as a freelancer, developing applications for android, web, robotics and various other platforms he has an extensive knowledge base on various domains.

Prajankya is a passionate developer, researcher and hobbyist who enjoys a disciplined approach in problem solving, his desire to gain knowledge has driven him to be thorough in his practices. Prajankya spends most of his time exploring and implementing the latest trends and developments in his areas of interest keeping him up to date.

Currently Prajankya is working on ROS(Robot Operating System) projects, as well as looking for opportunities to pursue his Masters in Robotics at a reputable university.


  • Robotics
    R.O.S. Microcontrollers ARM Image Processing (OpenCV) VR Machine Learning - Tensorflow
  • Computer Networking
    Spanning Tree SNMP RIP Cisco IOS L2-L3 Routing Network Admin Data centre control
  • JavaScript
    Node.js Angular.js jQuery Bootstrap Grunt Gulp Node-red development
  • Web Development
    JavaScript HTML 5 CSS LAMP MVC REST Handlebars Polymer
  • Industrial Automation
    CNC and Other NC PLCs of Beckhoff and Rexroth Ladder STs Modbus
  • Electronics
    RF circuits SMD Soldering Analog circuits Altium Eagle 4 layer Hi-speed PCB
  • Software Development
    Eclipse(for Java applications) Visual Studio(for C#, C++ applications) Electron
  • 3D CAD Modelling
    Solidworks Creo Blender Sketchup
  • Android App Development
    Sherlock Background services MVC Wear Devices apps
  • Database
    MongoDB MySQL Lodash CouchDB Flat File based
  • Cloud
    Azure Google Compute Engine Kubernetes G-Drive API Amazon S3 heroku Dropbox API DigitalOcean Droplets
  • Project
    GitHub Gitlab Travis-ci Coveralls Appveyor Bitbucket
  • Programming Languages
    NodeJS(ES6) Python C++ Java C# PHP C
  • Scripting
    CSS JSON Yaml Markdown Latex XML Bash HTML
  • Others
    Coffeescript SASS Less TypeScript OpenGL CMake Lua Cuda OpenCV


VP of Technology,

2018-06 — Present | 30+ team Manager

I am in charge of scaling up the company's technology and running a 30 - person development staff. I oversee all software development and technology across multiple departments to continue building the company's syndicate.

Senior Technical Manager,

2018-01 — 2018-05 | Manager

Handled various projects and worked on many daughter companies from the company head office of bengaluru.

Research Assistant, K.L.E. Technological University, Hubballi

2017-06 — 2017-12 | C++ ROS Humanoid

Leading the team in designing and development a Research Humanoid Robot.

  • A 4 foot big Humanoid
  • Handling Team of 14

Network Architect,

2016-06 — 2017-05 | Network Architect Network Admin Datacentre setup

Worked on various size networking Installations and became Network Admin for huge campuses nearing 20k simultaneous devices and other.

Associate Project Manager,

2015-06 — 2016-05 | Web technologies Cloud Azure

Handled various projects with team size of 30+ on web technologies and various research fields.

Software Engineer,

2015-01 — 2015-05 | Android App HTML GPS tracking

Working on various Products and services based on web and mobile technologies.

Research Intern,

2014-05 — 2014-12 | C++ PCL CV CG

Worked on PCL and 3D graphics, CV and CG.


System Designer, Developer, Snappy Robotics

2016-08 — 2017-06

Final Year Engineering major project to develop a rapid prototyping platform for Automation and Robotics projects and product. This product helps bootstrap any A&R project from 10 hours to 1 hour or less by having readily available parts for most commonly used processes.

  • Using a powerful industrial grade SBC, Toradex Apalis T30
  • Drag and drop programming
  • Made 4 Layered Hi-speed USB2.0 GPIO circuit, with SMD soldered components
  • Custom USB subroutines
  • Every part of the project designed for mass manufacturing
  • Custom Operating system to best optimize performance
  • Node-RED and Johny-five based
  • Supports Raspberry pi, Arduino, NodeMCU, Beaglebone, and most of the boards

Developer, Warehouse-Robot

2017-02 — 2017-06
  • Rapid Prototyped bot
  • Using our own powerful board, Snappy T30
  • Track based bot, with load carrying capacity of 50kgs
  • To be up and running with just few minutes of drag and drop programming

Researcher, AgriMapper

2016-10 — 2017-02 | C++

As a part of REU(Research Experience for Undergraduates), the research focuses on building a precision horticulture 2D mapping using cost effective Lidar.

  • Using Robot Operating System
  • Using Intel NUC on board as the CPU
  • RPlidar by RoboPeak working at 5Hz with range of 6 meters
  • Whole system error of 1.08% of the actual reading.

Researcher, Lidar Robot

2016-02 — 2016-06 | JavaScript

Autonomous L.O.A.M. Omni Wheeled Robot

  • Holonomic drive
  • based on ROS(Robot Operating System)
  • four omni wheels
  • using RPLidar by RoboPeak
  • after starting autonomously makes a 2D map by going through the terrain, avoiding obstacles
  • has flash lights to indicate any problem with the system.

Developer, Tiva-IOT-server

2016-08 — 2016-10

A software made with electron and node.js

  • Tiva launchpad 430
  • Software to control multiple boards at once
  • Focuses on distributed control from a central software

Researcher, id-ocr


The project focuses on auto generating database from a standard template and imagesets, i.e. given a template for all the images in the given imagesets, a database will be autogenarated with Optical Character Reading from all the images.

  • Python based Image Processing using pytesseract
  • Interactive GUI to generate the image template

Programmer, Java-RGB-Physical-Pixel


Java program with firmata to talk to turn on a RGB led on arduino

  • Java GUI color Picker
  • Talking to firmata on arduino accross serial using jssc
  • color hovering on GUI changes the color of RGB on Arduino

Developer, ArduinoModbus


Arduino custom library for MODbus

  • used with RS-485
  • controlled by GUI written in C#
  • controlling 42 slave boards

Developer, ANEA


Website for a workshop on Advances in Nanocomposites for Engineering Applications

  • using github pages to host the website
  • static website(no backend)
  • bootstrap for UI

Developer, vod_server

2016-08 — 2016-08
  • Upload with auto dash generation
  • nodejs as backend
  • Admin panel

Developer, Jewellery


A Node.js based Touchscreen software for small jewellery shop


  • Backend in Nodejs
  • github developer programme integration
  • Autogenerated CV from json and github projects
  • SEO optimized
  • custom HTTPS implementation

Author, Teacher, ros-mobile-robot

  • ROS
  • Tutorial for beginners
  • Guide to build a simulated 4 wheeled robot
  • Simulation in Gazebo

Contributor, EME


✏️ Elegant Markdown Editor.

  • Side by side view Markdown editor

Contributor, awesome-robotics-libraries

:sunglasses: A curated list of robotics libraries and software

  • Side by side view Markdown editor

Contributor, awesome-robotics

A curated list of awesome links and software libraries that are useful for robots.

  • Side by side view Markdown editor

Developer, rmh_website


Robot Makers Hub Website based on Node.js

  • Website for Robot Makers Hub members
  • backend in nodejs
  • Gulp based automation script

Developer, RNN

Python based Project on Recurrent Neural Networks in TensorFlow

Developer, pyML-lstm

Jupyter Notebook

Python based Project on Long Short term Memory

Developer, rmh_registration


An Electron based software to have registration form and auto search feature for Robot makers hub registration

  • Nodejs and Electron
  • bootstrap
  • Angularjs
  • json flat file system database

Developer, folder-crypt


A Nodejs based folder encryptor and decryptor

  • Node js
  • sha512 based
  • npm published

Contributor, docs


Contributor to Nodejs documentation

Contributor, activate-power-mode


Contributor to activate-power-mode a plugin for atom editor

Contributor, ros_map

Contributor to ROS_MAP a map to show ROS users all over the world by David V. Lu

  • Added BVB as a college teaching ROS

Developer, Cyberoam-usage


To check usage of a user in cyberoam

  • backend in Nodejs
  • Phantomjs browser logging in as temp user and then getting the required data
  • program is browsing the website imitating as a real user

Contributor, mit-license


A website to host MIT-License online with name and year

Network Engineer, Infocell

2016-07 — 2016-07 | HTML

BVBCET Infocell Website

  • Complete javascript: database is MongoDB,backend is nodejs, communication is JSON and frontend is Angularjs
  • Custom SNMP client for getting status from all the L3 network switches
  • Phantomjs programming browser based data retrieval
  • Ping based Map of all the managed switches(Live Map)
  • SNMP trap to display interface downtime
  • Complaints and Requests management Admin UI


BE, B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology

2013-08 — Present | Advanced Mobile Robots and Image Processing, Control Systems, PLC and Drive Systems

Automation and Robotics Engineering GPA:4.0

Kashinath Palod Public School

2011-06 — 2013-06

12th Grade in CBSE Board GPA:3.7

10th Grade in CBSE Board GPA:4.3


Team Leader, Team for ROBOcon 2016

2016-01 — 2016-03

Team Leader of College Team for the Competition.

  • Renewable energy transferring robots(one generating another getting energy)
  • Pole climbing robot
  • Wind energy based locomotion robot

Electronics Head, Team for ROBOcon 2015

2014-12 — 2015-03

Volunteer and Active member in College Team for the Competition.

  • 2 holonomic drive badminton doubles playing robots
  • complete SMD circuit
  • 3D Printed Custom Remote


Member, IEEE

2013-06 — Present

Member in good standing since 2013-06.

Subscriber, MSDN

2010-01 — Present

Super-ultra-gold level ultimate access MSDN subscriber package.

President, Robot Makers Hub

2015-11 — Present

Head of college club for Robotics Enthusiasts.


Feasibility of using Cost Effective LIDAR for Precision Horticulture, IJERT(International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology)


A research paper on using lidar sensor with ros on a horticulture field.

Programming Standalone avr, self


A Guide for Programming Standalone avr with Arduino as ISP without Bootloader


Best Outgoing Student, KPPS


Ranked 18th in India for National Cyber Olympiad in final round ,


Ranked 22nd internationally for International Cyber Olympiad in final round ,





Prajankya is a fan of mystery and fictional novels including those of Dan Brown, C. S. Lewis and C. Doyle.